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The Amazing World of Gumball S6 - Layout reel

Before heading into the background department, I worked as a layout artist for around a year! The layout process on that show is always a bit tricky to explain because it's very specific and different from "standard" layout for a 2d show:

- Doing rough matte paintings from scratch for new backgrounds, making sure that the perspective is correct, that the composition works for all the crops and the resolution is enough
- Shooting new pictures to add to our library whenever needed
- Creating cameras in Maya to integrate 3D elements in 2D matte paintings if needed, making sure the focal length, horizon line, etc match the matte painting
- Adding camera effects like handheld and camera shakes on After Effects so the director gets a feel for the final sequence, as the show relies a lot on cinematographic language

I learned a ton of things about framings, compositions, camera work, matte paintings, and a lot more!

Layout Supervisor ★ Paul Rice

Gumball Season 6 - Layout Reel