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D&D Illustrations and sketches

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons with colleagues from work last year. I joined two different groups, it's a really inspiring experience, and I feel like I'm learning about storytelling while having the time of my life, it's great!

Here's a few sketches of both parties and art I've been doing for both campaigns. Enjoy!

Clementine frere amon season2 1000

Design of my Tiefling monk, Amon.

Clementine frere amon season2 bust


Clementine frere claire winter

Design of my fighter lady, Claire, ready for cold weather

Clementine frere lunaclaire

Claire when she was younger

Clementine frere party cndnd2

The whole party Amon is a part of

Clementine frere claire dress 1k

Claire in a dress, from a session

Clementine frere icons cnd d2 1000

Icons for Amon's party

Clementine frere icons runaways 1000

Icons for Claire's party